Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Land and Water

We trekked out to our favorite Kickapoo State Park this weekend for some kayaking and hiking. It was a perfect sunny day that was warm without being too hot.

We spent about two hours on the water and saw so many great things! The cedar trees were glorious, the resident swans were out, and the bullfrogs were singing. The highlight of the day was a real surprise. I kept hearing a bird screech over and over again. I went to investigate and saw a medium sized gray bird flapping and flopping around in the underbrush. I looked closer and saw what must have been a four foot black snake, and the bird was attacking it with its feet! It was the most amazing thing to witness, and as I watched the snake slunk away.

If anyone is a fungi expert, feel free to identify these for us

We stopped to eat some lunch at the Landing and listen to the local musicians play. Then, like a crazy person, we headed for the 7.6 mile Out and Back trail. The beehive inside a tree was hopping at this point in the season, the red squirrels were everywhere and we saw SO MANY cool mushrooms.

On our earlier spring trips to the trail, we kept hearing wild turkey warbling along the path but never caught a glimpse of them. It had become something of a challenge to see one over time, but as the summer progressed we heard them less and less. Exhausted at the end of a very long physical day, we entered the prairie nearing the end of the hike and suddenly saw a turkey! I followed it into the grass and saw it running to its mate - so cool. I got some video of them, as well as some other highlights and I hope to get a video up in the next few days. All in all, it was an incredible day.

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